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Centre of Government, Flanders, Belgium

The Center of Government in Flanders was preparing for a new vision, mission and strategy in order to become more efficient before the new government was installed.
The results were validated by the Prime Minister of the new Flanders Government. The results also formed the base for a restructuring where three separate departments chose to merge into one, led by the Secretary General of the Center of Government. He was very sure that Large Scale Co-creation was the way forward. The former leaders have been partly replaced by young potentials, which prompted new dynamics. Today the department achieves more with fewer people.


Community Partners for Urban Mobility, Salt Lake City, Utah, 2001

Community Partners for Urban Mobility brought together local officials, transit riders, special needs riders, community groups, state political leaders and others in a future search with an invitation to "Join the Revolution on Transit Issues along the Wasatch Front of Eastern Utah."  The conference addressed community wide solutions to transit needs in the Wasatch Front.

Additional Resources: Visit website UTA_Report.doc

State of Vermont, USA, 2000.
Department of Buildings and General Services (400+ employees) examined their internal services and needs during a 3-day future search. There are currently nine action planning teams. Outcomes are being presented to the Commissioner.
Copenhagen, Denmark, 2000.
Municipal management of four major cities sponsored future search with the following focus: What will the working future look like for the administrative municipal staff? They created new alignment around how to prepare, educate and developing competencies in a work environment that is changing rapidly.
U.S. National Guard Bureau, Washington, DC, 1999.
Participants from all 50 State National Guards developed a shared vision and implementation strategy to ensure a more diverse workforce.
U.S. Army, Washington D.C. USA, 1999.
The U.S. Army used future search to create a strategic framework for leadership development. They created a vision and plans for an environment that motivates soldiers and civilians to reason and act in a manner consistent with enduring Army values.
U.S. Department of Defense, Washington D.C. USA, 1999.
Participants identified major strategies and supporting action plans for defense department to retain the moral high ground in 21st century.
Office of Secretary of Defense, Washington DC
Participants created a shared vision and major strategies for military family youth programs. This is for children of military personnel living on military bases. ponents.




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