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Religious Congregations Today

Many faith-based organizations, regardless of denomination, are dealing with issues of internal conflict, financial struggle and how to attract and keep new members. Changes in the congregation and community make it difficult to pull together and create a sense of mission that everyone wants to rally around. Even in healthy and thriving congregations, gaining agreement on specific future goals is challenging.

If you are like many church members, you are looking for ways your congregation can build community, foster healthy relationships in the congregation and community and bring your church's mission into the world in a meaningful way.

How Future Search Can Help

Future search has helped members of many faith-based communities. act together on issues they care about regardless of differing opinions, role, status, gender, culture or ethnic background. It gives voice to every constituency group in the congregation. Not surprisingly, this cuts down on resistance to change and unleashes energy of those involved. For example, at a congregational future search, you might find yourself sitting in a circle with a member of the clergy, a lay person, a youth group member, a congregant concerned about social outreach, non-affiliated members of the community or members of the regional congregational board. Full participation builds deep buy-in for the actions the group decides to take.

Future search has been used to help religious congregations in:

  • Strategic Planning/Future Visioning

  • Building unity of vision and deepening commitment to mission

  • Transitions in the size and scope of a congregation

  • Changing demographics in a local community

  • Alliances/ consolidations between congregations

  • Bringing in new leadership at all levels

  • Increasing the involvement of individual members in community activities

  • Building stronger relationships with surrounding communities / organizations

  • Conflicts between congregations and clergy

  • Re-vitalizing fund raising

  • Facility expansion and new program development

  • Searching for a new minister







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