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Congregations Sponsors

American Ethical Union, NY   American Jewish Conference, PA  
Association of Unity Churches, MO   Beth Tikva Synagogue, Rockville, MD  
Bryn Athen Church, PA   Cal Aggie Christian Association, CA  
Church of St. Martin, CA   Davis Friends Meeting, CA  
Elwyn Institute, PA   Episcopal Church USA, OH  
Episcopal Diocese, Danville, CT   Episcopal Diocese, Hartford, CT  
First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa, Canada   Friends Yearly Meeting, PA  
Jewish Reconstructionist Federation, PA   National Episcopal Church, OH  
Native American Baptist Churches of Arizona   Orleans United Church, Ottawa, Canada  
Sierra Sanctuary, CA   Sisters of Loretta Community, MO  
St. John's Episcopal Church, CA   St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Parish, UT  
Trinity Memorial Church, Philadelphia, PA   United Church of Christ, NY  
United Methodist Church in Absecon, NJ   Unity Church, Kansas City, KS  
University of California, Davis, Campus Ministries, CA   Washington Ethical Society, DC  






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