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Water Resources on Cebu Island - Philippines

In the province of Cebu, a crucial factor in the sustainability of social and economic development was the efficient management of its water resources and water regeneration capacity. 

The Future Search objectives related to the encapsulation of situational issues in Central Cebu, relating to water resources and land-use management, strategic visioning with commitment of stakeholders, identifying the feasibility of a strategic management programme for water resources and land-use in Central Cebu and the outline of a master planning activity.

Tuolumne County, California, USA

As a result of a future search that brought environmentalists in the room with loggers for a tumultuous three days, a natural resource team was formed and is still meeting and working on behalf of the community over 5 years later. They call themselves, "In Our Back Yard."

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Khabarovsk Region, Eastern Siberia.
A future search titled "Development of Eco-Tourism in Khabarovsk Region" was sponsored by Green House, an NGO working on "Project Socialpartnership-A Step to the XXI Century" and funded by the Eurasia Foundation. Stakeholders included environmental NGOs, education, region administration, tourist business, mass media, youth and national parks. They achieved common ground and a shift from very depressive mood to optimistic and resourceful approach.
Catalonia, Spain
A future search for the future of Waste Management in Catalonia, Spain in 2010. Organised by ACITRE (Catalan Association of Special Waste Treatment Plants) and with the support of the Waste Management Division of the Environmental Department of the Catalan Regional Government. Stakeholders included local administrations, associations of councils, ecological groups, the media, business confederations, unions, universities, industry, citizens, and students.




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