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Business Overview

Facing Business Challenges Effectively

In many meetings we spend 80% of our time focused on the 20% of the things we disagree about: Discover common ground and increased business performance through future search.

Tough Questions

Business leaders everywhere are wrestling with tough questions:

  • How do we respond to fundamental changes in local or global markets?
  • How do we build an organization fully committed to achieving critical goals while avoiding burn out?
  • How do we integrate new suppliers?  Subsidiaries?  Make ourselves more productive?
  • How do we build environmentally sound business practices, attract investors and build partnerships with local communities?

These complex challenges require constant attention, calling for responses that quickly engaging the best efforts of your organization.  Explore how future search can help you meet these challenges with quick, effective and lasting results.

The Ikea Story - The complete redesign of a product line in sixteen hours: from raw materials to the showroom floor.

How Future Search Can Help Your Business Face such Challenges

Future Search has helped many businesses overcome tough challenges and achieve new levels of performance by bringing together people together to build a common framework that supports shared agreements on action.  It can do this no matter how different their roles, status, area of expertise, or opinion.  Future search builds ownership and self motivation.  It can help you create the "self-organizing" and "learning" organization you will be proud of.  Because future search can engage and motivate a large number of people, it supports fast change. Future Search unleashes the energy of your organization, aligning actions to create the desired results.

To learn more about the future search processClick here.

 Some of the ways future search has been used to help businesses:
  • Addressing a specific aspect of business performance
  • Integrate cultures following a merger of any size
  • Addressing quality, safety and productivity issues Manufacturer
  • Restructure or re-design a product line or the entire company (See Ikea)
  • Revitalize competitive potential
  • Enact a vision for global customer service
  • Improve workplace learning and performance
  • Focusing together on a critical issue: Professional society
  • Strengthen your business's culture and values
  • Turn around performance and increase productivity
  • Resolve union/management issues
  • Plan and manage organizational growth: Law firm
  • Design or implement a new production line

For more information on how future search may be able to help your business click here.







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