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Africa Bridge, Children and AIDS in Tanzania, 2002
Africa Bridge, a non-profit, whose mission is to nurture and inspire leaders in their struggle against HIV/AIDS in Africa, is planning a FS series in the community of Idweli in SW Tanzania in November, 2002. The focus is for a brighter future for the children of Idweli who are infected with or impacted by HIV/AIDS. There will be two FS's. The first will be for the children. Africa Bridge, a non-profit, whose mission is to nurture and inspire leaders in their struggle against HIV/AIDS in Africa, completed a FS project in the community of Idweli in SW Tanzania in November, 2002. The focus was for a brighter future for the children of Idweli who are infected with or impacted by HIV/AIDS. There were two FS's. The first included children ages 6-25. The second included some of the children and a representation of the community leadership. Planning for this conference started in February, 2002. As a result of this work, the community has received a donation from the Paul Newman Foundation of $10,000 to begin work on a center for AIDS and other orphans.

For more information contact: Barry Childs.

Additional Resources: Visit website

Addressing Social Problems in a Rural Alaska Native Village, Peschang, Alaska, 2002
One Alaska tribe recently used a Future Search Conference to engage its tribal members in addressing their own social problems.

Additional Resources: Alaska_Native_FSC.doc

A search for world class communities - Berrien County, Southwest Michigan, 2002
The Council for World Class Communities invited a group of 30 Future Search Network members to facilitate a series of eight future searches in Berrien County Michigan. The work was part of a larger project to heal the wounds and tensions between the communities of St. Joseph and Benton Harbor while engaging communities in the whole region in implementing a shared future for the region. The theme for the project was: "Creating a set of interdependent world-class communities where diversity and inclusion are the foundation, and no one will be left behind."

Additional Resources: Benton_Harbor_FS_Results.doc

Planning that Empowers, Leon, Nicaragua, 2002
The Leon Accessibility Project planning process initiated by the US Polus Center and its local sponsoring prosthetic clinic, Walking Unidos, used future search to bring stakeholders together with the goal of making Leon, Nicaragua a "City Accessible to Everyone." The sponsor elected to use future search as part of their planning process, because of its alignment with the organization's commitment to empowerment and self-sufficiency.

Additional Resources: Nicaragua.doc

Pocono Farms - Building Tomorrow, Today, Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania, 2002
A Pennsylvania community association discovers common ground and acts upon it! Pocono Farms used future search to get everyone to the table to build a long-range vision.

Additional Resources: Pocono_Farms.doc

Involving Youth in Social Projects - Barnaul, Russia 2002
A future search in Beraul, Russia, addressing the issue of involving youth in social projects.

Additional Resources: russian_youth.doc

Sustainable Development in Altay Republic: Development of Tourism, 2001
A future search was held in Siberia to explore sustainable development related to tourism in the Altay Republic in Siberia, Russia.

Additional Resources: tourism.doc

Community of Scottsdale, AZ, USA, 2001.
A broad section of residents explored and developed housing options to meet the housing needs of all of Scottsdale's citizens.
Roubtsovsk, Altai Region, Siberia, 2001.
"City of Roubtsovsk in 2005." Created common ground, a beautiful vision of their city and several joint projects. Mobilized lots of energy and fun of working together. Great enthusiasm. Currently looking for funding to support follow-up.
Novosibirsk, Siberia, 2001.
"Women-leaders of Altai Republic", Gorno-Altaisk-"Seminky pass" resort. Organized by the Union of Rural Women of Altai and members of Altai delegation from previous FSC. Included women-leaders from all sectors and youth. They created 6 projects and also had a presentation from Vice-Prime Minister and Minister of Social Policy.
Halton, Ontario, Canada, 2001.
Labour Force Development, Human Resources Development Canada and the Region of Halton hosted participants from government, education, skills training, community development, industry and labour, business, and special needs services. Resulted in common ground on ways to collaborate in the delivery of improved programs and services in this area.
Helmholtzplatz Neighborhood, Inner City Berlin, Germany, 2000.
A future search for this 13,000 household neighborhood was sponsored by a coalition of neighborhood groups and agencies to strengthen social, cultural, economic and neighborhood ties. This future search was followed up with open space meetings for continuing planning and action.
Campo de Gibraltar County, Spain, 2000.
FS used for devising a holistic development plan for economic growth involving social and economic partners, the highest officers of the town councils and the County Council itself. Agreements were achieved around projects in the sectors of Environment and Employment. Also agreed to were initiatives to foster small and medium-sized companies, which is very important since a high percentage of the economy in this county (south of Spain) runs on these small enterprises.
Novosibirsk, Siberia, 2000.
Future search titled "Women - Leaders of Siberia: Strategies for Collaboration." It was part of The Connective Leadership Project. Participants were women from 4 Siberian regions; leaders of NGOs, administration, business, education, crisis centers, students. Together, they built a common ground for cooperation and created 6 joint projects. Printed report was distributed to participants at a follow-up presentation two month later. Several participants were selected to go to the USA for training to develop their projects. Several women participated in a training on lobbying Women's Issues in State Duma in Moscow in June of 2001. They also established Siberian Coalition of Women's NGOs for lobbying of womens issues. Funded by grant from Bureao.
Borough of Rushmoor, Farnborough, Southern England, 2000.
Future search was used to kickstart their Local Agenda 21 implementation process.
Community of Pinecrest, CA, USA, 1999.
Sponsored by the USDA Forest Service as the area is ecologically sensitive and a summer tourist community. Work is still continuing after three years.
London Borough of Sutton, England, 1999.
Future search was used to develop a plan for Local Agenda 21 (the process that emerged from the Earth Summit in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil). Community developed new relationships for sustainability.
Community of Danbury, CT, USA, 1998.
A future search, conducted in response to increasing acts of violence in the community, resulted in a more cohesive community focused on creating a safer place for children and families.






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