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3M Germany   3M Plant Engineering, St.Paul, MN  
Advanta Corporation, Spring House, PA   American Fishing Tackle Manufacturers Association  
American Red Cross, Capitol Area, NJ   Amoco Corporation  
Ashland Chemical, Triangle Park, NC   ASKOE Steyr, Austria  
Association of American Railroads   AT&T Alliance for Employee Growth & Development  
AT&T Card Services Center   Atomic Energy of Canada, Medical Products Division, Canada  
Auburn Technical Assistance Center, AL   Avery Denison, MA  
Bank of America, Commercial Support Systems Division   Bay State Skills Corporation, Boston, MA  
Bay States Center for Applied Technology, CA   Berrett-Koehler Publisher, San Francisco, CA  
Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Maryland   Brain AG, Germany  
Brazilian Institute of Quality & Productivity   Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce  
Capral Aluminium Smelter, Australia   Chemical Manufacturers Association  
Christian Science Publishing Society   CIGNA International, PA  
Commonwealth Edison, Chicago, IL   Continental Cablevision, Western New England  
Core States Financial Corporation, PA   DFS Deutsche Flugsicherung, Germany  
DG Bank, Germany   Digital Equipment Corporation, MA  
District Four Credit Union, Canada   Electronic Payment Services, Inc.  
Elsag Bailey Hartmann & Braun, Germany   FAIRWAY Filamentos, Brazil  
Fannie Mae, Washington DC   Fashion Today Magazine, Germany  
Forte Consulting, Chester, PA   Goulds Pump, Inc., NY.  
Grace Cocoa, CT   GTZ, Gesellschaft fuer Technische Zusammenarbeit, Germany  
GWW, Gemeinnuetzige Werk und Wohnstaetten, Germany   Haworth, Inc., MI.  
Hoffman-LaRoche, NJ   Inter-American Development Bank, DC  
International Printers Network, London , England   Johnson & Johnson, Chicopee Division, New Brunswick, NJ  
Jossey-Bass Publishers, San Francisco, CA   MNC Corporation, Singapore  
New Hampshire Travel Council   New Leaf Distributing Co., Atlanta, GA  
New Society Publishers, Philadelphia PA   Nissan of North America, Cleveland, OH  
Penn Ventilator Corporation, Philadelphia PA   Quaker Oats Pet Foods Plant, Topeka KS  
Reichhold Chemical, NC   Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto, Canada  
Royal Trust Company, UK   Royal Trust, Global Private Banking Division, UK  
RR Donnelly, Hudson Division, NY   Shared Medical Systems, PA  
Siemens AG, Germany   Sony Electronics Corporation  
State Street Bank, Boston MA   StorageTek, Golden, CO  
UNUM Insurance Company, NH   Whole Foods Market, Austin TX  
Wholesale Bank of Westpac, Australia   Woodlawn Corporation  
World Bank, Washington, DC   Zurich Insurance, Australia  






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