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Maryland Department of Human Resources, Baltimore, MD, USA, 2001.
Participants developed a shared vision and strategic plan for their state-level human services program.
Nizhnyi-Novgorod, Siberia, 2001.
"Museum of Arts and Technique in 2010." Museums staff, artists, architects, specialists on marketing, regional and city administration, and youth working together created common ground and clear vision for the museum. Funded by the Soros Foundation. An interesting feature is that this group contained a highly non-conformist group of artists and architects.
Seattle Human Services Coalition and the Minority Executive Directors Coalition, King County, WA. USA, 2000.
Two umbrella agencies sponsored a future search to meet basic human needs and eliminate institutional racism in the human services system. As a result, committees of providers, funders and community members have started working on new advocacy efforts and changing their own policies.
Yolo County, California, USA, 1999.
A future search was used in a merger between Yolo County Dept. of Social Services (public agency) and Community Partnership Agency (non-public agency). The merged organization is the Dept. of Employment and Social Services. As a result of the initial meeting, they redesigned their organization using future search principles in four successive conferences.
Northwest Region, 10 State Region spanning Minnesota to Washington State, USA, 1998.
Future search on Welfare Reform, sponsored by Northwest Area Foundation. Stakeholder groups from 10 states met in Montana to craft a regional, as well as state-by-state public policy agenda that addresses people living in poverty, affected by devolution and welfare reform.






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