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Five Conservative Jewish Synagogues, Philadelphia, PA, USA, 2001.
The Northeast Philadelphia Consortium of Jewish Synagogues in Northeast Philadelphia, whose memberships were declining due to demographic changes, used future search to discover the common future they wanted to create. Outcomes included plans for the development of shared services for everything from worship to purchasing. In addition, plans included the exploration of consolidation among several of the synagogues.
United Methodist Church at Absecon, Absecon, New Jersey, USA, 2001.
In February, 1995, this congregation used future search in to develop a l0 year vision. They hoped to grow from a mid-sized village church to a large community of faith, serving their broader region. The results of their future search have been impressive: Annual giving has nearly tripled in 6 years ($300,000 increase/annual rev.); a 2.6 million dollar building expansion has been completed; worship attendance has increased over 50% to an average of 350 weekly; several new staff positions have been added; and an endowment fund has been established. The congregation plans a second future search for late February, 2003 to cast its vision for the next 10 years.
Unitarian Universalist Congregation, Philadelphia, PA, USA, 1999.
Congregation used future search as part of a year-long process to engage everyone in its 1000 member community in planning for the future of the church. They took action on church structure, conflict management, outreach activities, spiritual concerns, facility improvements and other topics. Two years later, after a change of a senior minister, the church continues to work on this agenda.






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