Future Search The Method

Future Search
in School
District Change

Connection, Community,
and Results

Case studies from members of the Future Search Network

Edited by Rita Schweitz and Kim Martens

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Here are sixteen compelling case studies that illustrate the power of future search to create lasting, whole system change. Future Search in School District Change chronicles ways in which educational institutions have used broad-based stakeholder involvement to improve education. These experiences, by individual authors, will help those tasked with improving education by offering ideas that have proven successful.

These cases document innovative initiatives in rural, suburban, and urban schools on such key issues including:

  • District mergers
  • Healing racial divisions
  • Curriculum reform
  • Developing community partnerships
  • Creating district-wide strategic plans

This book also contains important educational themes such as:

  • Early childhood education
  • Improving the performance of school boards
  • Improving student health
  • Improving achievement

For superintendents, school board members, district administrators, and anyone else with an interest in high-involvement/high-performing schools and districts.

"Future Search in School District Change: Connection, Community, and Results not only contains the most interesting array of (16) case studies of school districts that you will find anywhere, it illustrates how you can engage an array of stakeholders in any setting in helping to shape and own their own futures. An exciting and an inspiring set of chapters for tackling deeper system transformation"
Michael Fullan, professor, OISE/University of Toronto and author of Leading in a Culture of Change, the Change Forces books and The Moral Imperative of School Leadership

"Rita Schweitz and Kim Martens' Future Search in School District Change: Connection, Community, and Results clearly illustrates how a powerful planning process can be a source of significant professional learning and an effective means of altering and energizing relationships within the school community. As the chapter authors of this book point out, Future Search enables a community to envision its preferred future and to become accountable for its achievement through dialogue and relationships based on candor and mutual respect."
-Dennis Sparks, executive director, National Staff Development Council

"Future Search is a powerful and relevant methodology for schools and communities. Future Search in School District Change tells how schools have the capacity to transform themselves and reduce their vulnerability to the politicized punching bag they often find themselves affected by."
-Peter Block, author of Flawless Consulting, Stewardship, and The Answer to How Is Yes

Rita Schweitz specializes in planning and facilitating productive meetings and conferences that produce desired results. Rita is a Certified Professional Facilitator, a highly-regarded designation of the International Association of Facilitators.

Kim Martens is a facilitation and training consultant with over 20 years in the fields of whole system change and community development. She has extensive experience in participatory strategic planning that includes all stakeholders and emphasizes client ownership of the process and results.

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