Future Search The Method

Workshop Leaders

Join Acclaimed Workshop Leaders Sandra Janoff, Ph.D., and Marvin Weisbord have led hundreds of meetings in business firms, NGO's, and communities on five continents. They are founders of Future Search Network (FSN), an international non-profit that has spread effective strategic planning worldwide, and co-authors of Future Search - Future Search: Getting the Whole Sytem in the Room for Vision, Commitment, and Action, 3rd Edition (Berrett-Koehler 2010) and Don't Just Do Something, Stand There, Ten Principles for Leading Meetings the Matter (Berrett-Koehler 2007).

FSN pioneered the "whole system in the room" principle of large group intervention that transforms the capability of diverse groups for cooperative action. Weisbord is a recipient of the "Lifetime Achievement Award" from the international Organizational Development Network which also named his book Productive Workplaces one of the most influential OD books of the past 40 years.





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