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Project in Tanzania, which was Envisioned at a November, 2002 Future Search, Reaches Milestone



3,000 Bricks


I have just seen 3,000 hand made large concrete bricks. The villagers of Idweli in Tanzania are building the dream of the Idweli Childrens Center. The target is 6,000 bricks by end of November. In December Mr. Audax, the builder comes to live in the village and will work with the villagers to build the Center. The new water pipes are already yielding fresh spring water to the site. A womens group raises money for food and provides meals for the volunteers at the site every day.

Rungwe District Council is a key collaborator (the village of Idweli is part of Rungwe District). Their staff will survey the site. The District social workers will train the volunteers who work at the Center. The council will also provide grant money for the ongoing operation.


The mission of the Idweli Childrens Center is to serve the community in nurturing and caring for all the children in the village. Priority will be given to orphans and children with sick parents. The services include for example; food support for extended families, orphan accommodations; support for primary school education; scholarships for secondary school, HIV/AIDS education; HIV/AIDS testing and mother to child AIDS transmission prevention.


The Idweli Childrens Center is a very unique project. Typically, child and orphan programs serve a district or a region. This requires a child to move out of its own community into an institution supported by strangers. However, the Idweli Childrens Center is the dream of the children and adults of Idweli. It will be operated by the Idweli community for the Idweli community. The scourge of HIV/AIDS in Africa has left in its wake millions of orphans and families ill equipped to care for another child. Some grannies care for up to a dozen children. This project is a model in giving vulnerable children a future where their extended families no longer have the capacity to help.


Idweli Childrens Center Benefit, 11/22/03


On November 22, Tualatin River Nursery of West Linn will host an open house to raise money to equip and operate the Idweli Childrens Center. 10% of all sales of plants and seasonal wreaths will be donated to the Childrens Center. In addition the Zimbabwe Artists Project will have an exhibition with 20% of the proceeds of the art sales going to Idweli children.


Saturday November 22nd


Tualatin River Nursery

65 Dollar Street, West Linn, Oregon

Phone 503-650-8511 or Log onto



Live your dream,


Barry Childs, Founder of Africa Bridge.


For more information see

www.africabridge.org or

contact Barry at africabridge@yahoo.com or

phone 503-557-7245

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