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A Village in Southeastern Tanzania Uses Future Search to Plan Support for AIDS Orphans in the Community

Future Search Network Members Barry Childs and Kenoli Oleari just returned from Africa after completing a Future Search in the village of Idweli in Southwest Tanzania.  The project involved nine months in planning and two conferences, one for youth ages 6-25 and one for youth and adults.  The conferences brought the village together to talk about how they wanted to serve the needs of orphans and vulnerable children in the village.  The AIDS pandemic in Africa has, among other things, left many children without parents.  Idweli has been no exception.

The village set aside land and has started preparing it for an orphan's center, clearing and collecting materials such as earth for bricks. The future search allowed villagers to identify projects that support the orphans' center, clarify what they can accomplish with existing resources and what resources they may have trouble acquiring. The Idweli project is a model for other villages in the area.

The project was done in collaboration between Africa Bridge and Godfrey's children, a Tanzanian support group.  These agencies will carry out support work and solicit resources to support local activities.


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