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Register by March 7: Special Discount on "Managing a Future Search"

In order to fill the workshop, "Managing a Future Search," we are offering special discounts through this Monday, March 7.

In this workshop, Marv Weisbord and Sandra Janoff, originators of future search, you will provide you with the skills necessary to facilitate this whole systems, large group approach to organizational change.

Time and Place:  April 10-13, 2005, San Rafael. California

To inquire about a discount, please contact Sally Theilacker at: fsn@futuresearch.net or 1-800-951-6333,

or, click here to register at standard rates.

Complete Workshop Description

The future search conference is a proven and carefully structured process used around the world, in which community stakeholders discover common ground and begin new cooperative actions toward their ideal future. The results, within and between diverse cultures, have been remarkable and long-lived! In each case workers and citizens, meeting as peers, collaborate with experts and local officials to create effective action together. The group discovers that their deepest aspirations can be their common ground, and new cooperative action begins.

You will learn how to facilitate a future search, as you participate in a 3 day simulated future search conference with the originators - Marvin Weisbord and Sandra Janoff. Register soon! The next workshop dates are March 29 - April 1, 2005 near Philadelphia, PA/USA and April 10-13 in San Rafael, CA/USA. The workshop materials will include your copy of the book, Future Search - An Action Guide to Finding Common Ground in Organizations and Communities.

Join Acclaimed Workshop Leaders Sandra Janoff & Marvin Weisbord
Marvin Weisbord and Sandra Janoff, Ph.D. are the authors of FUTURE SEARCH: An Action Guide to Finding Common Ground in Organizations and Communities. Together they have nearly 60 years of professional group leadership experience. Marvin and Sandra are co-directors of Future Search Network, a non-profit voluntary association of 500 practitioners worldwide dedicated to learning, colleagueship, and community service.

Sandra Janoff, psychologist, consults to businesses and nonprofits and runs workshops on systems- oriented group dynamics around the world. Marvin Weisbord, internationally known consultant, is the author of several books, and his classic Productive Workplaces was recently voted among the "Top 5 Organization Development Books of the Past 50 Years" by the international Organization Network. Marvin also received the "Lifetime Achievement Award" in 2004 from the OD Network.

Marvin and Sandra have facilitated dozens of future searches across the world, for the Federal Aviation Administration, UNICEF, the IKEA, CIGNA, AT&T, and WHOLE FOODS corporations, and the US Federal Reserve, as well as foundations, school systems, communities, prison systems, and health care systems.

A Different Way to Create Change, Faster, Shorter, Cheaper
Future search enables a system to transform its capability for change very quickly. The meeting design brings together 60-70 invited participants who have a stake in the future of an organization or community. Together, they explore their past, present, and desired future. Only after agreeing on common ground do they make concrete action plans. A community is built, based on a motivating goal and a new shared experience of "the whole elephant." New forms of cooperation are devised that persist for months or years.

"This training has enabled me to help diverse groups get to common ground and positive actions really quickly and effectively, with lasting positive change outcomes. I truly believe that future search work will go down in history as a major intervention that has influenced millions of people for countless positive situations."
-Ken Bratz, CEO, Leadership Resource and Counseling

Transcend Conflicts, Apply In Any Culture: The method is culture-free
 The future search meeting design has been widely applied in cultures on many continents. Future search relies on elements that transcend conflict, culture differences, and language barriers. Consistent positive results are seen in a great diversity of situations.

Outcomes from future search include: the creation of affordable housing in Santa Cruz, CA; welfare reform in Ramsey County, MN; sustainable communities in England; media cooperation in Sweden; strengthening democratic practices in South Africa; economic development among the Unuit peoples; a new distribution network for an international corporation; and educational reform across the US. See FSN's database for hundreds more examples worldwide.

Scholarships and group discounts may be available for future search trainees. Future Search Network also provides facilitators and consultation to groups, if requested. Contact us at (800) 951-6333 or via the email address shown at left.

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Register by March 7: Special Discount on "Managing a Future Search"





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