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Future Search for Higher Education in Yemen

From April 18th - 22nd , around 70 people are gathering in the port city of Aden, Yemen, for a Future Search Conference to address "The Future of Information and Communication Technology  in Yemeni Higher Education". The Conference is financed through Dutch development cooperation funds and hosted by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Yemen. The purpose is to build a shared vision on ICT for the 10 university and community colleges in Yemen and develop a national ICT policy and master plan. Stakeholder groups that the planning team selected represent University/college (vice) chancellors, Government officials, Yemeni ICT experts, University/college administrators, University/college ICT managers, Library specialists, Academicians, Foreign (Dutch and Tanzanian) experts. Yemeni participants come from all over the country.

The event has specific features, as the design was adapted to suit cultural and organizational aspects. Days last from 8 am to 2 pm, as Yemeni are used to a late lunch followed by qat-chewing sessions of several hours. The Conference language is both English and Arabic, a challenge in itself. It is the first time that an event of this nature is held in Yemen. The first day received extensive national television coverage. Participants have been pleasantly surprised by the non-conventional approach of working together for a common purpose and have whole heartedly moved through all 4 room of change.

Thanks to Han Rakels for the on-the-spot reporting.

Here are some pictures from the conference:

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