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The Future Search Network (FSN) invites you to the 8th annual Learning Exchange, May 13-15, 2004 in Stockholm, Sweden.

Applying Future Search Principles to Generate Powerful Local Action: 10 Years of Learning from Around the World.

May 13-15, 2004, 11 am Thursday through 3 pm Saturday

Vlkomen till Stockholm!

Onskar, Scandinavian FSN och Ander & Lindstrm Partners

(Welcome to Stockholm, wishes from the Scandinavian FSN and Ander &  Lindstrm Partners)

You are also invited to attend a future search training workshop, just prior to the Learning Exchange, in Stockholm, May 9, 2004 through May 12, 2004. (See web site for details)

FSN members will gather in Stockholm to learn, explore and grow in the power and replicability of the future search method and its principles. These principles free people to move to new depths of diversity, inclusion and to a richer understanding of taking powerful local action regardless of their starting point. Whatever your experience of future search, this years Learning Exchange is designed to broaden your awareness and increase your capacity to apply the principles of future search in your communities, organisations, and businesses. We will aim to address the questions:

  • How do future search principles embolden direct democracy in action?        
  • What factors contribute to generating the most powerful local action?         
  • How does future search play out differently in community work, corporate life, both in for profit and non profit entities, government and society?       
  • How do future search principles apply in different cultures?  

It is anticipated that the working language of the conference will be English. As this may neither be the first language nor a language spoken at all by some participants, we would ask Network members to let us know if you speak more than one language and whether you might be prepared to act as an interpreter, to a level that you would be comfortable with.

Travel Assistance: Many people from around the world for a variety of reasons will find it difficult to find the necessary funds to join us. So to support others to make the journey to Stockholm the planning group has set up a Travel Assistance Fund (TAF). More information and a call for donations will follow separately the TAF in an email!. The planning group has donated funds to get the TAF kick started and we are sure that it will grow with the kind generosity of many others.  If anyone, particularly from a less economically developed country wishes to apply for travel assistance, please let us know by emailing Fran Ryan: fran@peopleincharge.co.uk

At this point we can't make any promises but we hope to be able to help. As of January 23, 2004, 13 people have made a contribution to the Travel Assistance Fund, bringing us close to being able to fully assist one person or partially assist several.

For convenience, we have also scheduled a future search training workshop to accompany the workshop and which will be held May 9, 2004 through May 12, 2004.Please let all your networks and contacts know about the workshop and learning exchange so we can make this a memorable and worthwhile event. Spread the word!

Conference Details:

May 13-15, 2004, 11 am Thursday through 3 pm Saturday

Norrtullsgatan 12 N, SE - 11372 
Stockholm,  Sweden      46 8 545 4723

The rates below are for the three day meeting, including Morning and Afternoon Breaks:

  • $50.00   DAY GUEST for one day.      
  • $125.00   DAY GUEST for Thursday, Friday and Saturday
  • $30.00    WINE AND CHEESE PARTY  includes dinner
  • Donation to the Travel Assistance Fund (Paid to FSN)

Meals are NOT included. Lunch is available for about $10 US nearby. To keep our costs down, payment  will be made directly to Ander & Lindstrom. We prefer that you use a credit card. Checks should be made payable to Ander & Lindstrom.

Please Contact Sally at:

Future Search Network
4700 Wissahickon Ave., Suite 126
Philadelphia, PA  19144-248,  USA
fsn@futuresearch.net .  215-951-0328, 800-951-6333.

Provide the following Information:

  • I will be staying at a hotel
  • Please arrange for me to stay with a Member

After Fridays session, we will have a Wine and Cheese Party at the office of Ander & Lindstrom at Drottninggatan, in the Center of the Stockholm,  featuring live music, singing and conversation with old and new friends! There will be an additional cost of $30.00 for the party which includes dinner.

You can choose to stay overnight at a hotel of your choice (see list of suggested hotels and rates) or with a member of the local Swedish FSN. In the past, local members have opened their homes for out-of-towners. Please let us know if you would be willing to host a FSN member or if you would like to choose this option. We can not guarantee that  this choice will be available. We will offer this on a first come, first serve basis.

You will need to make your reservation directly with the hotel. In Sweden MOMs (tax) are always included in the sale price; non - EU members are eligible for a rebate after the trip. Information about how to get the rebate will be send upon registration. Most places include breakfast.

Hotels Suggested by our friends in Stockholm

Less expensive:  600 to 910 Kronar per night ($82 US to $126 US):

Hotell Bema  (It is possible to walk from this Hotel to Brygghuset).
Upplandsgatan 13
111 23 Stockholm
Tel 08-23 26 75

Single SEK 840  /room/night, between Sunday-Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Friday
Single SEK 600  /room/night, between Friday-Saturday-Sunday
Small double SEK 910

Columbus Hotell
Tjrhovsgatan 11
116 21 Stockholm
Tel 08-503 112 00
www. columbus.se

Single SEK 695  3rd floor without elevator                                                              

Mid-range: 895 to  1595 Kronar per night ($122US to $218 per night)

Freys Hotel  (This is very close to Ander & Lindstrm AB Drottninggatan.)
Bryggargatan 12
101 31 Stockholm
Tel 08-506 213 00

Single SEK 1595  /room/night, between Sunday-Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Friday
Single SEK 895  /room/night, between Friday-Saturday-Sunday

Hotell August Strindberg
Tegnrgatan 38
113 59 Stockholm
Tel 08-32 50 06

Single SEK 1225   /room/night, between Sunday-Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Friday
Single SEK 825  /room/night, between Friday-Saturday-Sunday


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