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Future Search on Sustainability for the Delaware Valley held by the Schuylkill Center - a Life Quality Project

It began that snowy day during the winter of 2003 at the Schuylkill Center when Marv Weisbord and Sandra Janoff in collaboration with Future Search Network Member Ralph Copleman and a group of people interested in sustainability conducted a future search conference on sustainability in the Delaware Valley.

An entirely new initiative, born on the final day of the conference and now called the Life Quality Project for the Delaware Valley, is  underway with more participants than were marshalled for the future search conference itself. The aim of the project is nothing less than the conversion of the entire region to a sustainable lifestyle. We'll do this by: a) creating a set of measurable indicators of sustainability across a range of areas such as health, education, economics, housing, energy, etc., and b) promoting them strongly so that people turn to them as a measure of quality in their own lives.

In an ideal world, people will use the sustainable life indicators in lieu of things like the Dow Jones average and the TV weather reports as the ways to know how things in their world are going. This, we believe, is an important step in that direction.

We expect to have identified specific indicators in about a dozen categories by the end of this summer. Then we kick in the media campaigns. That's the plan anyway.

--Submission from Ralph Coppleman


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