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Future Search will be used in Africa for a number of projects in Kenya and Tanzania.

Africa Bridge, an NGO committed to providing support for local leadership on AIDS issues in Africa, plans to use Future Search in a number of projects in East Africa in 2003:

1) A project to link Traditional African healers -- who are having a large degree of success treating AIDS - western doctors, clinics, hospitals, testing laboratories, NGOs and other dealing with AIDS in Northern Tanzania in a collaborative network. This project will be done in Tanga, Tanzania and led through a cooperative effort between Africa Bridge and the Tanga Aides Working Group. More information on the success of traditional healing can be found at:


(Download the document called Ancient Remedies, New Disease, June 2002)

2) A capacity building forum for Tanga AIDS working group in Tanga, Tanzania to assist the Tanzanian NGO in building its internal capacity.

3) A project to build local involvement and leadership in a community health effort in Miwani and Muhorani sub-locations near Kisumu, Kenya. Communities here built a clinic and trained 200 community health workers.  While there is an exemplary local effort to deal with major health concerns in the region, including a 35% AIDS infection rate, there are almost now drugs or treatment facilitate available.  The Future Search project will focus on enlisting ownership broader support for these projects.  This project will be done in a joint venture between Africa Bridge and Global Horizons.


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