Future Search The Network

The 10th Annual Learning Exchange

Building Our Capacity to Impact the World-Individually & Collectively
May 4-6, 2006 in Bryn Mawr (20 minutes from Philadelphia)

Overview of the Learning Exchange

The LE will officially open on Thursday May 4 at 10 AM (although we fully expect that people may arrive early to connect with their colleagues informally!)

Day One will be a time for everyone to connect with each other and set the stage for the work we do individually and collectively. The day will include several World Cafe conversations and the establishment of Open Space, as well as a presentation and discussion the State of the Future Search Network, led by Marvin and Sandra.

The day will adjourn around 6 PM for an evening on your own and/or around the town with others.

Friday May 5 will begin at 7:30 AM with an optional meditation session to help people become centered and mindful about the work they are doing. The official start time will be 8:30 AM.

Day Two is mostly devoted to Open Space sessions, in which attendees work in self-selected groups to discuss the questions they raised Thursday afternoon in the 'Bulletin Board and Marketplace' phase of Open Space. Open Space sessions may also include presentations of projects or techniques that attendees want to share and discuss with their colleagues.

Because clients are at the center of what we do, there will be a mid-day panel of clients from nonprofit and for profit settings to talk about the Future Searches they sponsored.

The day will officially adjourn around 5 PM, with an optional Wine, Cheese & Dinner evening at Marv and Dorothy's. (There is a $20 fee for this special evening.)

Day Three will begin at 7:30 AM for another optional meditation session, with the official start time at 8:30 AM.

The final day of the LE will include a presentation and discussion on the new project, "Prosperous Communities/ Prosperous Nation" that the Future Search Network is undertaking and how we can increase our impact, individually and collectively. We'll also talk about the 2007 Learning Exchange and where it might be! We'll end the final day with a structured journaling process to help everyone deepen his or her individual reflection and learning.

The 2006 Learning Exchange will officially adjourn at 12:30, with lunch available (for $20) at the Gregg Center. Many of you may decide to spend some one-to-one time with local practitioners in the afternoon or to see the many sights of Philadelphia.


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