Future Search The Network
The 10th Annual Learning Exchange

Building Our Capacity to Impact the World-Individually & Collectively
May 4-6, 2006 in Bryn Mawr (20 minutes from Philadelphia)

Why should YOU attend this event?

Here are ten of many reasons:

  1. You'll connect with people you've met along your Future Search journey, from 'newbies' who have just been trained to highly experienced practitioners who've conducted FS for many years.

  2. You'll have time to raise questions and explore answers about Future Search and the application of Future Search principles with people who've been there.

  3. You'll find people who have done, or are in the process of doing or planning, Future Searches in similar industries, professions, communities and interest areas.

  4. You'll have the opportunity to explore the application of Future Search principles to compatible facilitation methodologies.

  5. You'll have that most valuable commodity, TIME, to think more deeply about your work and how to become even better at it.

  6. You'll hear from Marvin and Sandra about the collective impact of our work, including an exciting new project, Prosperous Communities/ Prosperous Nation -- Enabling Local Action Toward Prosperity for All, the Future Search Network is pursuing.

  7. You'll meet people from all over the world and hear their perspectives on what we do.

  8. You'll hear a panel of FS clients from for profit and non-profit sectors.

  9. You'll pick up new skills and techniques to use in your facilitation practices.

  10. You'll feel the energy of being part of something that makes a difference in our world, one meeting at a time.

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