Future Search The Network

A 1 hour Introduction to Future Search 
for Executives, Managers and HR Personnel
Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

"I've not been in a 2 1/2 day period and heard so many great ideas expressed in such a variety of clever and articulate ways. By my likes Future Search is the most useful, tangible, actionable output that I have ever seen."

Experts Solve Problems Everybody Solves Problems Experts Improve Whole Systems Everybody Improves Whole Systems
1900 1950 1965 2004

Most Australia managers are still using outdated tools of looking for the answers from experts and focusing on problem solving. The new century approach to management is to get ‘everybody improving whole systems’.

Future Search is a powerful approach for achieving that. It has been used extensively overseas by large and small organisations including the likes of 3M, AT&T, Nissan, Sony, Ikea, Digital, L’Oreal, Whirlpool, Bank of America, World Bank, UNICEF, and Washington University.

About Future Search

Over 2½ days, 30 to 80 internal and external stakeholders meet around an identified task or a potential benefit and generate:

  • a flood of constructive ideas and energy;
  • an action plan for achieving the desired benefit; and
  • the ability to achieve that benefit in a fraction of the usual time

It can be used at any stage of the cycle from planning to implementation and is used with equal success by corporates, government bodies, NGOs and communities.

Venues and Dates

Brisbane: 2pm - 3:15pm Fri 26 November, The Polo Club, 1 Eagle Street (cnr Felix Street)

Melbourne: 2pm - 3:15pm Wed 24 November, Batmans Hill on Collins, 623 Collins Street (cnr Spencer Street)

Sydney CBD: 2pm - 3:15pm Tues 23 November, Sydney Water Building, 115-123 Bathurst St

Sydney, North Ryde: 4:45 - 6pm Thurs 25 November, Dunmore Lang College, Macquarie University, 130 Herring Road

Bookings essential: there is no charge for this event but bookings are essential. To reserve your place, email info@successandhappiness.com.au or call (02) 9858 1569.

For more information on the presentation, visit www.successandhappiness.com.au and click on "Upcoming Events." Further information on Future Search is also available at www.futuresearch.net.



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