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Welcome to Prosperous Communities, Prosperous Nation Online

We're glad you're here! This is a place from which we will together unleash the power of Future Search in a coordinated way, on a national scale, to reduce poverty, and create a nation of prosperous communities.  Yes, it sounds like a tall order, but it can be done.  This web space is a place for learning about a concrete, practical way it can be done and about how we can come together to create:

  • A nation with prosperity and security for all, as envisioned in the founding principles of this nation.
  • A nation of communities where more people can contribute to the economy as healthy, vibrant producers and consumers, and in which we will all be better off because of it.
  • The individual, community, and national security that flows naturally from prosperity.

Come in.  Look around.  There is a wealth of information here and many ways you can participate in the most promising prosperity-building, poverty-reducing movement this country has ever seen.  Of all the information you will find here, the bottom line is this:

  • Poverty is a systemic issue that affects us all and therefore requires systemic thinking, problem solving, and action.
  • No one person, organization, political party, or sector has "the answer" that will solve the problem--"the answer" is among us, not in one part of the system.


We have to get the whole system together to figure it out.


Getting the whole system together to figure it out is precisely what Prosperous Communities, Prosperous Nation is all about.  It is a program of action, so look around, find the information you are looking for, then get involved!

No matter...

             ...where you live,

                        ...how much money you have,

                                    ...which faith you embrace,

                                                ...what worldview you hold,

                                                            ...what you look like,

                                                                        ...what political party you belong to,

                                                                                    ...or how old or young you are,

creating a nation of fully thriving communities where everyone can prosper is good for you!

"Many people are looking for the 'the answer' to poverty. No one has it. Prosperous Communities, Prosperous Nation isn't the 'answer' either. It is the way to bring the whole system together to find the answer."

img --Nancy Polend, PCPN Program Director




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